Are you the weakest link?

Most supply chains don’t have set guidelines for IT and technology, its left to the individual members to act professionally, and yet many supply chain members don’t give consideration to their current technology and whether its fit for purpose.

From day 1 of joining a supply chain, you could be the weakest link in that chain and the easy target to access a valuable supply chain and group of organisations that provide an appealing target for cyber criminals.

What could happen if that were the case?

  • Reputational damage
  • Embarrassment
  • Significant costs and fines
  • Loss of potential future earnings
  • Loss due to the breach and crime itself
  • The knowledge that you caused the breach
  • Loss and embarrassment to companies accessed via you
  • Business damage and downtime - lack of business continuity
  • Technology costs in repairs and renewals
  • Damage to existing business the same way as above

Statistically, ….. of businesses are no longer trading 6 months after suffering a serious breach.

Introducing Cyber Essentials

You may not realise that your IT/Technology provider does not have to evaluate this – its not in a normal IT package. Don’t assume because you have someone supporting your IT, that they are evaluating and addressing your products and processes for IT security and safety.

The Cyber Essentials is government backed and GCHQ approved and sets out some straight-forward guidelines on how your IT should function.

  • Do you know what's connected to your network?
  • Do your staff use USB devices?
  • Do you segment your wireless network in your business?
  • Do all of your staff know what a phishing email might look like?

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